The Brain and the Mind

mm Michael Abdallah
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Any process that helps you change your perception will change the activity of the brain and the way the brain commands the mind to work. The idea is that when you can change the way the brain works you'll effectively also change your mind. 

The mind takes its commands from the brain and then an action is performed that correlates with the request of the brain. The brain's job is to take in all of this varied sensory information that you’re experiencing and work out what needs to be done in order to keep you in a state of balance. 

When most people try and change they unconsciously react like addicts and that's because they have become addicted to any familiar or recurring emotions, As the past thoughts, experiences and memories trigger the same behaviours over and over again the body eventually becomes addicted to those feelings and the trail of biochemistry that they leave. 

Eventually, the body will begin to behave as though it has a mind of its own and search for its next fix, This is why most find it hard to change or, why people tend to have uncontrollable urges or do things in the heat of the moment and then think why on earth did I just do that. 

The brain mediates our perceptions, every emotion, every thought, every sensation that we have has a corresponding action in the brain.Your brain accounts for about 20% of your body's blood, oxygen and energy usage, this impressive organ houses approx 100 billion neurons which make up to 10,000 synapses or synaptic connections which are basically connections to other neurons. 

Now, why does this information matter?, it matters because these synaptic connections form the programs that effectively become your default habits and behaviours!

Every thought, every action, and every memory is stored and managed in those neural pathways. The great news is that every brain is unique and can be organised to create the life you desire.

The brain is multifunctional, by that I mean different parts of the brain do different jobs. The best part of this is that your intelligence, beliefs and behaviours are not fixed! That's because the brain is plastic, not literally, but the scientific term neuroplasticity refers to the fact that the brain can actually change shape and continues to do so throughout our lives.

So, when we can reframe our experiences, we begin rewiring our brains and minds. Can you imagine a life where you changed your mind about who you are and what you are capable of having and achieving? When you're able to do so and believe it, the brain will say hang on, I'm not a failure? I'm really a success!, I'd better change the message to the rest of the body to reflect what we are now doing. As a consequence everything you do, feel will be based on this new program and belief system. 

Can you guess what the end result is? What you desire will have no choice but become an extension of that exact belief system you've now hard-wired in your body and mind. 

Every human brain seems to be different, I don't mean that in a trivial way but rather in meaningful ways that ends up impacting our intellect, our growth, and the kind of experiences we have. 

The brain has a remarkable capacity for storing information that is virtually infinite however its flaw is that it’s also coupled with a highly fallible retrieval process, so the past may not have happened exactly as you remembered it, the truth is it's now in the past and the focus should now be on what kind of future do you desire.