Stress can lead to a better life

mm Michael Abdallah
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Flip your perspective

Everybody worries, some worry all the time whilst others worry only sometimes, worrying and stress get such a bad rap and its simply because we don't understand them well enough, nor do we use them to our advantage.

It's through our confusion and our challenges that we find the inspiration to search deeper. Obstacles you encounter end up being the catalyst to a deeper meaning to life.  When we’re overly content and satisfied we never look deep enough so the frustrations we end up enduring serve as a reminder that there is something more profound in respect to abilities, achievement, and purpose.

The message here is that It doesn't matter how long you have suffered from any of the nervous illnesses like anxiety or depression, that if you wish to recover then you can, You no longer need to commit to the disturbing memories of your past experiences and those unrelenting triggers. That’s because thoughts that have kept us anchored to the emotions of the past can be changed. 

When you try and change I assure you you'll be challenged by your subconscious programs and  at times you will feel like this is too hard, that’s when you remind yourself that strength cannot be born from strength, strength can only be born from weakness, so embrace them as an opportunity to create incredible strength

Some symptoms of constant strain of being in a stressed, anxious and depressed state is that you may find that your heart beats quicker, or at times you may feel suffocated as you lack the ability to take a deep breath, in the past, you may have mistaken it for being unfit. You may even experience feelings of headaches, nausea, stomach cramps, and even diarrhea. 

All that you're experiencing are normal symptoms of over-stressing, isn't it time you stopped these symptoms from forming a set of life-restricting patterns. In no way is this article dismissing any of your past traumatic experiences nor asking you to. The one thing I have learned is that...

Remember, your life is meant to be lived and if the past is restricting your life and you’re fed up and would love to change then all you need is the tools and support to help you change - Brother you can word this to the way you like.

A little story to put things in perspective, I know of someone who has a fear of being around a lot of people, they're socially anxious and as it was becoming overwhelming for her I escorted her outside so that she could breathe and relax, and within minutes they did, I then asked them why they are able to relax now but literally moments ago they weren't able to, they replied with I now feel different and why I can relax, I said this may be true but what might be truer is that you're actually thinking differently out here than there.