Truth about you

mm Michael Abdallah
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As human beings we possess two most impressive attributes which separate us from the millions of creatures on this planet, and that is a vivid sense of memory and a creative sense of imagination. 

Yet are the fundamental reason why an incredibly high number of human beings are suffering. 

Your life is effectively the way you experience it, as in your reality is based on how you choose to experience your environment. The way you experience it is subjective and determined by you, not by the situations but how you interpret them. 

From a physical standpoint we see things in bite size pieces as our senses and perception are  limited, for example if I hold up my hand you can only see the palm and not the back of my hand, yet the person behind me will see the total opposite of you. 

Looking at life through keyhole experiences and then identifying yourself and life with those experiences is such a hindrance to the significance of our creation and how impressive we truly are. 

Everything we experience is felt and experienced based on our subjective and limited view and never by the situation itself. 

The truth is that there is no such thing as your life or my life, your mind or my mind. What you identify as ’yourself or your mind’ is again an accumulation of experiences that you have gathered over the course of your life. Truth is that what you identify with as yourself is living cosmos. 

The privilege to our existence is that we are given an individual experience, how magnificent is this privilege, that in the scope of the cosmos we are barely a speck of dust yet we get to have a unique individual experience.

The significance of being a human is that the possibilities of the life we get to create is endless, yet the majority of us choose to suffer. Whether it be holding onto the memories of the past or be crippled by the unknown of tomorrow. What we need to realise is  that much like the side of the hand we see that we are experiencing life in the moment, and the accumulation of the past is meant to become wisdom rather than a wound and that the potential of the unknown of our future is meant to allow us to have a brand new creative space otherwise life will only ever be repetitive. 

If life was meant to be likened to a hamster on its wheel then what was the point of having memory and imagination!

The truth is that every experience you have can only happen within you - only within you - take the time to process that for a second. Lets just say I grab your hand, what you experience is not my hand but rather the feeling of being touched. 


You cannot experience my hand nor can I experience yours, I can only experience the sensation of grabbing your hand but not your hand. That's the same with how you interpret your experiences. 

Joy. Misery, Pain, Pleasure, Love, Hate, these feelings you experience happen within you. They cannot be a consequence of a circumstance but rather your interpretation of it. Problem is that our interpretation is usually an exaggerated memory of the past or a similar experience. 

When you’re able to quieten all the noise around you and simply begin to notice yourself without any judgments, is when you will begin noticing that what you identify as yourself is connected with the entire universe.

The entire universe you experience can only be the one you have experienced within you. When you realise that, that's when you’ll also realise that you also have the power to recreate it to reflect all you wish to experience.